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Maharashtra Nagarparishad and Zilaparishad Engineering Services Recorded Course


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Recorded Video Courses for Maharashtra Nagarparishad and Zilaparishad Engineering Services

Are you preparing to acquire an advantage in your government state exams? The competition is getting stiffer every day, and your only chances of winning are if you have a good plan of attack and head in the right way.

MADE EASY (An Institute for Preparation of GATE, ESE, and Other Competitive Exams), with decades of experience in the competitive examination domain, understands the importance of correct guidance and preparation to beat the cutthroat competition. Therefore, after carefully examining the exam's syllabus and format, we introduced the SSC-JE 2023 course for Maharashtra Nagarparishad and Zilaparishad Engineering Services  for Civil, Mechaincal & Electrical Engineers in recorded format to assist candidates in getting ready for the exam and staying one step ahead of the competition.

In this course, the students will get the opportunity to learn from the renowned and experienced faculty of MADE EASY through pre-recorded lectures. The lectures will be delivered in such a manner that they are easy to understand and help the aspirants gain conceptual clarity. The course will be highly beneficial for college students or working professionals, as it will help them cover the syllabus in a stipulated amount of time, along with the flexibility to watch lectures on the go, anywhere, anytime.

The students have two options to choose from in this course: Technical and Non-Technical (RA+GS). So as per the requirement, the aspirants can enroll in the desired course. Also, the aspirants will be provided with the latest and most updated study material to ensure that there is nothing that they have to worry about. Hurry! Enroll now and make your preparation EASY with MADE EASY.

Course Features


Recorded classes by renowned and experienced MADE EASY faculties.

Systematic Subject Sequence.

Ability to watch the lectures in recorded mode twice..

Comprehensive coverage of both technical and non-technical aspects of the examination.

Streams Offered


Fee Structure:

Maharashtra Nagarparishad and Zilaparishad Engineering Services
Course Stream Commencement Date Course Validity Course Duration Course Mode Fee Enroll

Maharashtra Nagar Parishad

Engineering Services (MNES)

Online Recorded Course

CE Course is Active 15th Oct 2023 Approx
550-600 Hrs

Rs. 16500 + GST

Enroll Now

Maharashtra Zila

Parishad (MZP)

Online Recorded Course

CE Course is Active 15th Oct 2023 Approx
550-600 Hrs

Rs. 16500 + GST

Enroll Now
ME Approx
500-550 Hrs

Rs. 13500 + GST

EE Approx
450-500 Hrs

Rs. 11500 + GST


Subject List for Maharashtra Nagarprishad Engineering Services (Civil Engineering)
Technical Non-Technical
BMC Current Affairs
Structural Analysis English
Steel Structure Reasoning & Aptitude
RCC Marathi (Not Included in the Course)
Fluid Mechanics  
Fluid Machinery  
Open Channel Flow  
Engineering Hydrology  
Irrigation Engineering  
Environmental Engineering  


Subject List for Zilaparishad Engineering Services
History History History
Polity Polity Polity
Geography Geography Geography
Environment Environment Environment
Current Affairs Current Affairs Current Affairs
Economics Economics Economics
Reasoning & Aptitude Reasoning & Aptitude Reasoning & Aptitude
SOM Fluid Mechanics Power System
BMC Fluid Machinery Estimation Costing
Steel Structure Open Channel Flow Machines
Structural Analysis Thermodynamics Measurements
RCC Theory of Machine (TOM) Basic Electronics
Pert CPM I. C. Engine Networks
Fluid Mechanics RAC
Fluid Machinery Power Plant
OCF Production
Engineering Hydrology Renewable Enery Sources
Irrigation Engineering Mechatronics
Environmental Engineering Industrial Engineering
Soil Mechanics  
Engineering Mechanics  
Construction Technology  


Yes, the subjects will be taught from the basic to the advanced level considering the standard of the examination as per the latest syllabus. Basic concepts and fundamentals will be thoroughly covered.

MADE EASY ensures excellence in education through renowned and well-established knowledge leaders. The Classes of Technical & Non-Technical Subjects will be delivered by the experienced MADE EASY faculty team, who have in-depth knowledge of the exam.

The course is placed at a reasonable price. Hence, the fee is uniform for all students.

The course will be valid till 15th Oct 2023. Each video can be watched twice the time duration of that particular video.

Yes, both Technical and Non-Technical aspects of the examination will be covered.

Yes, however, you will be able to watch this course only on one device (mobile/tab/laptop, etc.) at a time.

The course will be offered in recorded video format.

No, study material will not be provided.

Online courses are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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