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CTQ course is a specifically designed Online course launched by MADE EASY PRIME (A Unit of MADE EASY Group under the Leadership of Mr.B.Singh(Ex.IES ) for ESE 2021 & GATE 2021 which will also be useful for other competitive exams like State Engg Exams , PSU exams,SSC Exams etc . This course will immensely help students to clear the required concepts for Competitive Exams & college / semester exams.
CTQ Online course will have Good quality, Conceptual and Important questions being solved by expert & renowned teachers and while solving the questions basic concepts involved in questions will be explained in specific way to help students in learning and revising the particular subjects in an unique focus way. The question selection would be done extremely judiciously to cover all important concepts of every subject. The special tricks , shortcuts and unique methods will be explained while teaching/solving the questions.
Classes will be taken by the expert & renowned faculty group of MADE EASY,who are highly experienced and possess unique knowledge & expertise.Needless to mention that the CTQ course will be taught by India’s Top known faculties.
The CTQ course for ESE+GATE (offered for CE,ME,EE&EC) is available in twolanguages:(1)EnglishMedium (2)Hinglish Medium(Hindi+English) Students can choose any one of the two languages . In English medium all the discussions/explanations would be in English language only while in Hinglish medium discussions and explanations would be bilingual ie mix of Hindi and English.Please note that the text would be in English only in both cases . Most of the faculties will be common in English and Hinglish medium except in few subjects . The Coursestructurewouldbesimilarinbothlanguages butlittlebitvariation is possible in some subjects based on language comfort of faculty . The CTQ for GATE (offered for CS,IN&PI) would be in English medium only in which most of the discussions will be primarily in English.
This course is suitable for any student who have covered the syllabus at least once either in college or in coaching classes or with self study. The basic aim of this course is to improve & build the concepts, clear the doubts and give exposure to tricky conceptual and important questions which will surely help in securing good marks and a better rank in the competitive exams. This course will help students to study and revise the syllabus in a very systematic manner.
The total duration of GATE +ESE courses will be 300 hrs of and GATE Exclusive courses will be 250 hrs. Daily 2 to 3 hrs of lectures would open online with a proper subject sequence. The fee of the course is Rs.13000/- + GST(18%) for GATE+ ESE courses and 11000 + GST (18%) for GATE Exclusive courses.
Classroom Course is a kind of foundation course in which Technical subjects ,GS , Engg. Mathematics & verbal ability sections are taught right from basics . Approximately 1200 hours of classes for (ESE+GATE ) and 900 hours of classes for GATE exclusive classroom courses are conducted by MADE EASY Faculties.This course is best suitable for freshers who want to learn from basics. Whereas CTQ Online course is an advance type of course designed to learn,revise and improve concepts through questions.This course is of approximately 300 hours for ESE+GATE and 250 hours for GATE . The online lectures of this course will be taken by MADE EASY faculties and is best suitable for those students who have completed the syllabus once but have exam fear,low confidence,lack of revision, weak in concepts & are unable to solve questions with accuracy in given time frame . CTQ course should not be treated as the substitute of Classroom course . Hence students who have enrolled in classroom course of MADE EASY are suggested to attend the classes as soon as the Lockdown situation improves/condition becomes conducive.
The Made Easy students will be highly benefitted by CTQ course as it contains newly designed & unique questions which are different than the questions already discussed in MADE EASY classes and are prepared by the concern faculties. Since students have already attended the classes from same faculties they can very well understand & co-relate the application of concepts .This course will help to revise the concepts and will add the knowledge through conceptual questions.
Very reasonable course fee with special fee waiver in the current lockdown period is designed in such a way that it is suitable for all students and hence this fee is uniform to all candidates.
There is different teaching methodology and features of classroom course and the CTQ Online courses, therefore in general there will be no discount applicable however COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone economically therefore as special help to all CTQ student again rejoining in regular/weekend Classroom-course on or before 30th September 2020 then their entire 100 % tuition fee of CTQ course will be deducted in the Classroom course fee of students rejoining.This special offer will be valid only in this session ie of COVID-19 affected duration.
Since the classes of current regular & weekend batches which started after 1st Jan 2020 are affected due toCOVID-19 Lockdown and their syllabus is yet to be completed hence a special provision is made to provide access to CTQ online videos FREE OF COST till the lockdown situation continues and the access would not be available to these online lectures once the offline classes resume however this additional facility will be provided only for those students who have paid their full fee in classroom courses. If any classroom student would like to avail this facility after COVID-19 Lockdown situation ie after resuming the classes then he/she will be required to enrol on this course by paying the fee as mentioned in fee structure. Note 1. Since The teaching Content and teaching methodology of CTQ online courses are different than classroom courses and CTQ courses are designed primarily for-those students who have completed the syllabus once. Therefore it is a matter of choice to fresher students to attend these online lectures or not. Note 2. The regular and weekend Classroom batch students who are enrolled for ESE 2021,& GATE 2021 which started after 1st January 2020 are already being provided & would be provided further possible online lectures of classroom type comprehensive teaching free of charges till the lockdown condition continues. Once the classes resume online lectures would discontinue.
The lectures of CTQ will be freshly designed and specific to ESE &GATE 2021 exam which will be delivered on recorded mode to provide smooth flow and best utilisation of time. Every day new lectures will be activated at fix schedule . Already activated lectures will remain available on portal to view 24x7 till 180 days from the date of joining Or the date of ESE(Pre)2021 /GATE 2021 Exam ,whichever is earlier.
Since the course design is such that the questions under discussion will be very well explained and hence there may not be any need for doubts clearance but if any further required support is needed it may be extended by MADE EASY Team as per the availability of teachers/experts.
This course will primarily consist of Online lectures and there will not be provision of study materials, however faculty of a particular subject may or may not share some references /practice sheets which will not be considered as binding for other subjects as well. Online Test series and Postal study packages are separately available with separate divisions of MADE EASY group of institutions and students may enrol separately.
The course enrolled by a student is for himself/herself only, therefore at a time this course can be viewed only in one device through the App of MADE EASY Prime. The course is non refundable and non transferable.