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Scholarship Test



(Concept Through Question Plus)

Test Date: 9th August, 2020

Time : 11:00 AM

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MADE EASY has launched Concept through Questions+ Course for GATE 2021 & ESE 2021 Exams. This course is highly recommended for those students who have studied syllabus once but do not have concept understanding/ lack confidence/ Lack continuity in study / unable to study due to job/ have exam fear etc. In this course the concepts are made clear with the help of wisely chosen questions from entire syllabus. Hence, ensuring a strategic approach towards the exam

In order to further encourage the students to get benefited from this course. MADE EASY PRIME has come up with an initiative i.e. Concept through Questions+ Scholarship Test, to inspire and support the talented students to chase their dream career by overcoming the financial hurdles.

Every year thousands of engineering graduates dream about prestigious engineering services, public sectors, IITs, state government jobs etc, but due to unfavorable economic conditions, these students are unable to take coaching for these competitive examinations. The main motto of CTQ + Scholarship Test is to help deserving students to avail scholarships. Concept through Questions+ Scholarship Test will be conducted online and students will get an opportunity to avail scholarship in CTQ+ Course for GATE 2021 & ESE 2021.

Things to Remember:

1. Test will be conducted on both MADE EASY PRIME Mobile App and Website

2. Each branch (CE, ME, EE, EC, CS & IN) will have a separate scholarship test

How to Register:

All the aspirants are requested to download MADE EASY PRIME app.
They can register on Prime App or at for the scholarship test. Their is no fee for registration.

Scholarship Details:

Top scorers of each branch will get upto 50% scholarship


Civil Engg.

Strength of Materials : 4Q
Reinforced Cement Concrete : 4Q
Soil Mechanics : 4Q
Environmental Engineering : 4Q
Fluid Mechanics : 4Q
Highway Engineering : 2Q
Surveying Engineering : 3Q
Reasoning & Aptitude : 3Q
Engineering Mathematics : 2Q

Mechanical Engg.

Thermodynamics : 3Q
Heat Transfer : 3Q
Fluid Mechanics : 3Q
Production Technology : 5Q
Industrial Engineering : 3Q
Strength of Materials : 4Q
Theory of Machines : 4Q
Reasoning & Aptitude : 3Q
Engineering Mathematics : 2Q

Electrical Engg.

Network Theory : 4Q
Control System : 4Q
Electrical Machines : 4Q
Power System : 4Q
Measurements : 3Q
Analog Electronics : 3Q
Digital Electronics : 3Q
Reasoning & Aptitude : 3Q
Engineering Mathematics : 2Q

Electronics Engg.

Network Theory : 4Q
Control System : 4Q
Electronic Devices & Circuits : 3Q
Analog Electronics : 4Q
Digital Electronics : 3Q
Communications : 4Q
Signal & Systems : 3Q
Reasoning & Aptitude : 3Q
Engineering Mathematics : 2Q

Computer Science

Theory of Computation : 4Q
Algorithm : 4Q
Operating System : 4Q
Databases : 4Q
Compter Networks : 3Q
Digital Electronics : 3Q
Compiler Designs : 3Q
Reasoning & Aptitude : 3Q
Engineering Mathematics : 2Q

Instrumentation Engineering

Network Theory : 4Q
Control Systems & Process control : 4Q
Analog and Digital Electronics : 4Q
Signals Systems & Comm : 3Q
Sensors and Ind. Instrumentation : 4Q
Measurements : 3Q
Optical Instrumentation : 3Q
Reasoning & Aptitude : 3Q
Engineering Mathematics : 2Q

Test Pattern

Total Question : 30
Time Duration : 1 Hour
Per Question : 2 Marks
Total Marks : 60
Negative Marking : 0.66 Marks

Note: Virtual Calculator will be permitted

Dates to Remember

Registration Start Date : 25th July 2020
Registration End Date : 8th August 2020
Concept through Question + Schlorship Test Date : 9th August 2020
Timings : 11:00 AM
CTQ+ Batch start date : 12th August 2020