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General Studies for ESE 2022 (8 Subjects)

When it comes to the online preparation of the competitive exams MADE EASY PRIME has established itself as the success partner of thousands of engineering graduates. With the help of our meticulously designed courses, we aim to leave no stones unturned in making the aspirants ready for the examination.

Engineering Services Examination (ESE) also referred to as IES is one of the major examinations for engineering graduates. Clearing the subsequent stages of this exam i.e., Prelims, Mains and Personal Interview enables an aspirant to serve Government of India as designated individuals.

Looking at the syllabus of the Engineering Services Examination General Studies part plays a major role and the weightage is enough to turn the tables round. Engineering Graduates have a strong grip on the technical part; however, they somewhat face some challenge with the general studies part.

In order to further empower the aspirants preparing for the ESE examination, MADE EASY PRIME has launched online course for General studies in Pre-recorded format. In this course the aspirants will get an opportunity to learn from the renowned and experienced faculties of MADE EASY who have a vast teaching experience in Engineering Services domain.

The course is designed in an effective and easy to understand manner to ensure a sound preparation for the aspirants. A must join course for the students appearing for ESE 2022 to ensure a smooth preparation from examination perspective.

Note: Engineering Mathematics & Reasoning Aptitude will not be covered in this course.

Course Commencement Date: 25th Oct 2021.

Course Features

Pre-Recorded classes by India’s top faculties for ESE.

Systematic subject sequence.

Exam Oriented

Teaching pedagogy similar to the classroom course

Ability to watch the lectures in recorded mode twice.

Streams Offered


Fee Structure:

Course Stream Fee
General Studies for ESE 2022 (8 Subjects) CE, ME, EE, EC Rs. 14000 + GST
Rs. 12000 + GST
Enroll Now
Discount Note: Flat Rs. 2000/- Discount till 13th Feb 2022.


Yes. General studies (8 subjects) will be taught from basic level considering the standard of Engineering Services Examination 2022.
Basic concepts and fundamentals will be thoroughly covered followed by problem solving.

Yes. These online classes will be delivered by the same renowned and experienced faculties of MADE EASY, who teach at our classroom centers.

The teaching pedagogy is very effective and easy to understand. All the subjects will be taught by experienced faculties; hence, the chances of doubts are minimal.

These videos will be available from the date of enrollment until ESE 2022 Prelims examination, but every video can be watched twice in total.

No, This course will focus on non-technical part i.e. General Studies for ESE 2022. Engineering Mathematics & Reasoning Aptitude will not be covered in this course.

Yes, however you will be able watch this course only on one device (mobile/tab/laptop etc.) at a time.

Pre-Recorded classes will be provided in this course.

Yes, Course Specific latest and updated study material will be provided.

Online courses are non-refundable and non-transferable.