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Comprehensive News & Analysis

09-09-2021 | 16:27 PM

India’s first Green Hydrogen Plant 

Indian Oil Corporation to build India’s first Green Hydrogen Plant at Mathura refinery. This plant will be an addition in order to expand the existing crude oil refining capacity by 25 million tonnes per annum. 

Key Highlights 

• Indian Oil has been pursuing its ambitious plans of hydrogen production across various types such as in renewable power to generate green hydrogen.

• Recently, Indian oil conducted a recent hydrogen fuel cell experiment in Delhi, in which 50 CNG BS-IV buses were converted to run on HCNG fuel. This experiment has revealed significant benefits in reducing exhaust emissions and improving fuel economy. 

• It will also operate 15 fuel cell buses in Delhi-National Capital Region along with Tata Motors. 

About Mathura Refinery 

• It is the 6th refinery owned by Indian Oil Corporation and is located in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. 

• It processes low sulphur crude from Bombay High, high sulphur code from Middle east and imported low sulphur crude from Nigeria. 

• Its construction started in October 1972. Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi has laid down the foundation stone.