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Short Article

06-09-2021 | 15:14 PM

Exercise Konkan 2021 

• Exercise Konkan 2021 was recently held in the English Channel in between INS Tabar and HMS Westminster. 

•The exercise witnessed the participation of integral helicopters of two ships and Falcon Electronic Warfare aircraft. 

• The naval exercise Konkan 18 is held between the navies of India and the United Kingdom. It is based on the long-term strategic relationship between them. 

• This exercise provides a platform for the Navies to periodically conduct exercises at sea and in harbor in order to build interoperability and share best practices. 

NOTE: INS Tabar is the third Talwar-class frigate in the Indian Navy, which was commissioned on April 19, 2004 in Kaliningrad, Russia. This warship can handle air or surface or subsurface missions and defend herself.