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10-07-2021 | 14:16 PM

Fukuoka Prize 2021 

• Noted journalist, P. Sainath, was selected as one of the three recipients of Fukuoka Prize 2021. 

• He is an Indian journalist and author of a book called “Everybody Loves a Good Drought”. He has been actively campaigning over famer’s issues and backed the Samyukta Ekta Morcha that leads farmers’ agitations in India. He was awarded with the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 2007. 

• The Fukuoka Prize Committee described P. Sainath as “a very deserving recipient of the Grand Prize of Fukuoka Prize”. 

• He will be awarded for his work of creating a new form of knowledge through his writings & commentaries on rural India and for promoting civil cooperation. 

About Fukuoka Prize 

• It is an award established by the city of Fukuoka and Fukuoka City International Foundation. It is given to honor the work of individuals or organizations in preserving & creating Asian culture. 

• The Fukuoka prize has three prize categories- Grand Prize, Academic Prize and Arts & Culture Prize. Fukuoka has organised Asia-Pacific Exposition with the concept of interaction between Asia-Pacific region in 1989. 

• This prize was inaugurated in 1990 to carry on the spirit of Expo. Prizes are given annually to distinguished people for fostering & increasing awareness of Asian cultures. 

About Grand Prize 

• Grand Prize has been awarded to Muhammad Yunus from Bangladesh, historian Romila Thapar and sarod maestro Amjad Ali Khan. So far, eleven Indians have received the Fukuoka Prize. About 115 people from 28 countries and areas have received prizes in the past 30 years.