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24-04-2021 | 13:18 PM

Copyright (Amendment) Rules, 2021

  • The Government of India notifies Copyright (Amendment) Rules,2021. The amendment has been made to bring the existing Copyright rules in the country with parity with the other relevant legislation.

Key Highlights:

  • In India, the copyright regime is governed by the Copyright Act, 1957 and the Copyright Rules, 2013.

  • The Copyright Rules, 2013 were last amended in the year 2016.

  • The objective of the amendments is to bring the existing rules in parity with other relevant legislations.

  • Publication of a copyrights journal has been incorporated eliminating the requirement of publication in the Official Gazette.

  • The journal would be available at the website of the Copyright Office.

  • In order to encourage accountability and transparency, new provisions have been introduced to deal with the undistributed royalty amounts and the use of electronic and traceable payment methods while collecting and distributing royalties.

About Copyright:

  • Copyright is intellectual property. It gives the owner the exclusive right to make copies of his or her creative work. It can be education, artistic, literary, or music.

  • According to the World Intellectual Property Organisation, Copyright protects two types of rights. They are Economic rights and moral rights.