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GS Prelims Exclusive Course for CSE 2020

NEXT IAS announces "GS Prelims Exclusive Course for CSE 2020”in Online mode. The course will ensure comprehensive coverage of UPSC Prelims syllabus. The course is designed in a manner that it has a systematic subject sequence and well framed subject modules. Classes will be taken by experienced and renowned faculty members of Next IAS having vast experience of guiding students in the Civil Services Examination.  All classes will be conducted in state of art recording studio on digital boards/whiteboard/other suitable medium for enhanced and quality experience. 

This course includes quality online lectures delivered by experienced NEXT IAS faculties. 


Course Commencement Date : 18 June 2020

Rs 19,000 + GST

Course Features

300 hours in a span of 90 days

Experienced and renowned faculty members

Provision of Academic Coaches for 24*7 guidance and mentoring

Systematic subject sequence and well-framed modules

Coverage of both static and current affairs topics for UPSC Prelims.

Current Based approach following the recent UPSC trend

Module wise tests after end of each module for continuous assessment.

Concise and structured current affairs material relevant to UPSC Prelims 

Course Detail

S.No. Subject Approx.hrs.
1 History of India and Indian National Movement- (Includes Modern, Ancient, Medieval History and Art & Culture) 48
2 Indian and World Geography - Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World. 42
3 Indian Polity and Governance – Constitution, Political System, Panchayat Raj, Public Policy, Rights Issues, etc. 36
4 Economic and Social Development – Sustainable Development, Poverty, Inclusion, Demographics, social sector initiatives, etc. 48
5 General issues on Environmental Ecology, Biodiversity and Climate Change – that do not require subject specialization 24
6 General Science (and Science and Technology) 51
7 Current events of national and international importance 50

Fee Structure:

Exam Stream Duration Fee
GS Prelims Exclusive Course for CSE 2020 -- 300 hours Rs.19,000 + GST


GS Prelims Exclusive Course for CSE 2020 is a unique course offering a comprehensive solution for UPSC CSE Prelims Examination powered by Next IAS and launched at MADE EASY PRIME (our e-learning portal). It is designed not only to clear concepts related to UPSC CSE Prelims but also to constantly guide the aspirants to develop right attitude and approach to clear the prelims examination easily. The course will definitely instill confidence and self-belief among aspirants to crack the upcoming UPSC Preliminary Examination 2020.

The classes will be taken by experienced and renowned faculty members of NEXT IAS having a vast experience in guiding students for the Civil Services Examination. The classes will be held in English Medium. However, the teacher may use a bit of Hindi for better understanding among the students.

Yes. Videos will be recorded by the same experienced faculties of Next IAS who teach at our classroom centres.

The course has been planned to cover the entire syllabus divided into several subject modules as per the UPSC syllabus. The course not only ensures coverage of the basic concepts needed to build a strong foundation but also coverage of topics based on the pattern and trend of previous year questions and the topics having a high chance of being asked in the upcoming UPSC Prelims Examination. All classes of the course will be conducted on smart digital boards/whiteboard/other suitable medium for enhanced and quality experience for students.

Since the course design is such that the topics under discussion will be very well explained, there may not be need of further doubt solving. However, the students can connect with their respective Academic Coach for better understanding and for clarity in any concept/topics.If any further support would be needed, then Next IAS Team will provide support as per availability of teachers/experts.

Any student can connect with their respective Academic Coach 24*7 to get their concepts cleared and/or to discuss any academic issues. The provision of Academic coach will be valid till UPSC Prelims 2020.

As many students may have purchased Next IAS books and test series separately, the course fee doesn’t include study material and test series. However, for the students who don’t have our books and test series, we have made certain provision which are as follows: - a comprehensive Postal package for GS Prelims Exclusive Course consisting a set of well researched and quality Next IAS study books (9 nos) is available at our website. Interested candidates (enrolled in GS Prelims Exclusive Course) may purchase separately at 50 percent discounted price of Rs 3000 only (Actual Price of books being Rs 6000). Visit for details. - Well-designed online test series for CSE 2020 is also available at our portal. Interested aspirants may enroll separately (at discounted price of 50 percent for enrolled students of GS Prelims exclusive course). Visit for details.

Yes, the GS Prelims Exclusive Course is an extensive course for Prelims 2020 and caters to everyone preparing for UPSC Prelims examination, including the students who wants to start with the basics.

The GS Prelims Exclusive course is an exclusive course focused entirely on cracking the UPSC CSE Preliminary Examination. However, GS Pre cum Main Foundation course is an integrated course for the comprehensive coverage of UPSC Preliminary and Main Examination.

The total fee of GS Prelims Exclusive Course is Rs 19000 + GST. The Course duration will be 300 hrs over a span of 90 days. The course will commence on June 18th, 2020.

Keeping in mind the current prevailing situation the fee structure for the course has been kept at a very reasonable level so that it becomes affordable to all the aspirants preparing for CSE Prelims. Hence this affordable fee is uniform to all candidates.

The delivery mode and features of GS Pre Cum Main Foundation classroom course and this GS Prelims exclusive online course have some differences therefore in general there are no discounts applicable. However, COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone economically therefore as special help to all students of this course who are again re-joining GS Pre Cum Main Foundation classroom course for CSE 2021 then their entire 100 % tuition fee of GS Prelims exclusive online course for CSE 2020 will be treated as concession for GS Pre Cum Main Foundation classroom course for CSE 2021.

The lectures will be delivered on recorded mode so as to provide smooth flow and best utilization of time. Recorded lectures will be activated at fixed schedule as provided to students. Already activated lectures will remain available in portal to view 24x7 till the date of CSE Preliminary Examination 2020.

The course is accessible on Made Easy Prime App. The App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Classes will be either on Smartboard / Digital board or on Whiteboard as per the feasibility & convenience of the faculty.

No, you can only login and watch in one device at any time. The first device in which you login will be bonded to your registration id. For any other support, a student may connect with us at

A student can watch a lecture double the time of any given lecture. This means if a lecture is for 3 hours you can watch it for 6 hours.

Currently, the course can be accessed on Android platform and Windows PC. We are working on the development of the app for iOS platforms (iPad and iPhone).

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