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ESE 2021 : G.S. & Engineering Aptitude

Generally, engineers are quite comfortable in the technical section but due to increasing competition scoring in Prelims Paper – 1 is equally important. Sailing ESE Prelims just with technical knowledge is not that easy; the recent scenario and mark sheet of toppers shows that the non-technical portion has become the governing factor. This course is designed to cater to the needs of students for ESE Paper -1: GS and Engineering Aptitude which has a total of 8 different subjects.

Course Features

Full coverage of the syllabus to train the aspirants for every possible question

Classes will be conducted by experienced faculties

The course is designed keeping in mind the latest trend of the ESE paper

Lectures will help students to grasp the subject from the grass-root level

Emphasis will be given on objective questions solving approach according to the standard of exam

Lectures will be delivered in Online recorded mode, thereby helping aspirants to access from anywhere and from any device using our user-friendly interface

This course will cover all 8 GS subjects. Engineering Mathematics and Reasoning Aptitude will not be covered in this course.  

Streams Offered

  • Stream All
  • Commences on 10 Jun,2020
  • Valid Till 15 Aug,2021


Videos will be uploaded on daily basis of duration around 2hrs.

The 8 GS subjects will be covered in this course including current affairs. Engineering Mathematics and Reasoning Aptitude will NOT be covered in this course.

GS and Engineering Aptitude course will be commencing from 10th June 2020 with one lecture of 2hrs daily to benefit ESE aspirants.

Yes, this course is designed for freshers as well as repeater students and hence the contents will be delivered from the very basic level by our experienced faculties.

This course will be completed in approximately 200 teaching hours which will be covered in 100 days.

Lectures will be delivered by veteran faculties of MADE EASY, having vast experience regarding the standard and pattern of ESE examination.

Yes. MADE EASY has a group of permanent faculties for various subjects, the same faculties teach at our classroom centres and the same will take up the online course.

Videos will be uploaded daily of duration around 2hrs.

The lectures of GS and Engineering Aptitude course will be freshly designed and specific to ESE 2021 exam which will be delivered on RECORDED mode so as to provide smooth flow and best utilisation of time. Every day new lectures will be activated at fix schedule. Already activated lectures will remain available in the portal to view 24x7 till the date of ESE(Pre)2021 Exam. Each video can be viewed two times i.e. time double of the duration of a video.

This course will primarily consist of Online lectures only and there will not be any provision of reading material. However, any faculty of a particular subject may share some references /practice sheets which will not be binding for other subjects. Online Test series and Postal study packages are separately provided by other ventures of MADE EASY group companies and students may enrol separately.

The fees for this course shall be Rs.12000+ GST.

These lectures will be delivered on smart interactive boards to provide hassle-free learning experience.

No, the course fee is a nominal amount and has to be paid in a single time.

The course fee is very reasonable and hence this affordable fee is uniform to all candidates.

No refund applicable in Online courses. Nor the courses can be transferred to any other available course in any of the modes.

No, you can only login & watch in one device only. The first device you login will be bonded to your registration id.

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