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OPSC Prelims Online Course for Assistant Engineer Exam (Civil Engineering)

Odisha Public Service Commission (OPSC) has released notification for Assistant Executive Engineer Exam (Civil Engineering) in Group-A of Odisha Panchayati Raj Engineering Service under the Panchayati Raj & Drinking Water Department.

OPSC is one of the most preferred option by Civil Engineering Graduates. The reason being the good number of opportunities that it offers. There are total 210 posts of Assistant Executive Engineer (Civil), under Panchayati Raj & Drinking Water Department in Group – A of Odisha Panchayati Raj Engineering Service that has been released this year.

Vacancies  are as given below:

Sl. No.


No of Vacancies

















In order to help the students crack this prestigious examination MADE EASY PRIME has launched OPSC Prelims Online Course for Assistant Engineer Exam (Civil Engineering). It is the most comprehensive and well-structured Online Course for OPSC.

The R&D team of MADE EASY has strategically designed OPSC 2021 Prelims online course keeping in mind the latest syllabus and pattern of the exam. The Course will focus on all major areas including the key sections and pain areas where aspirants lack.

In Short, this is the targeted course for the students who are planning to crack Odisha Public Service Commission (OPSC).

In this, course the subject wise classes will be conducted by the renowned and experienced faculties of MADE EASY, who have a vast teaching experience and are masters of their field. Online classes will be followed by subject wise online tests for the regular assessment, which helps the students identify their strengths and areas of improvement. So that the same can be worked upon before the actual examination.

Books needs to be purchased separately. Click here to view the book list

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Books Price: Rs. 4500/-

Course Features

24*7 Access

Learn from the most renowned and experienced faculties of MADE EASY

Chat Facility for Doubts

Online tests for performance assessment.

Timely completion of syllabus.

Streams Offered

  • Stream Civil Engineering
  • Commences on 05 Sep,2020
  • Valid Till 100 Days


Yes, all the subjects will be taught from basic level so that fresher students can easily understand. The teaching will be focused on OPSC syllabus, pattern and standard.

All the subjects in OPSC online course will be taught by same experienced and renowned faculties of MADE EASY. All faculties are knowledgeable, experienced and unmatchable. Faculty quality is the core strength of MADE EASY.

Our teaching pedagogy is very comprehensive and effective which is in lucid language and easy to understand. All the subjects will be taught such that fundamentals of concepts are very well explained. Hence, there will be minimal chances of doubts. If any student has doubt then there is a facility of DOUBT CHAT, wherein students can send his/her doubt to concerned faculty and the concern faculty will address the doubt as early as possible.

Performance assessment is an important requirement for exam preparation, therefore MADE EASY will conduct online test for each subject. Students will be able to appear in the online test for each subject after watching the online lectures.

OPSC online course lectures will be available from the date of enrollment till the date of OPSC examination. However, each video can be watched maximum of 3 times the duration of that video.

Due to security reasons MADE EASY PRIME app permits to watch lectures on one device at a time (Mobile/Tablet/ iPad/ Laptop etc.) Students are advised to login using most preferred device only. If you switch from one device to another device, then it will deactivate the session in previous device.

The Policy of Fee relaxation is not applicable in online course as the fee structure is designed to keep it reasonable and affordable to all students.

Due to COVID condition many students are staying at remote locations where online connectivity is not good. Hence, students are unable to watch live classes smoothly. Moreover, in live classes there is a lot of wastage of time, which is evident from feedback by many students attending classes at other platforms. Therefore, MADE EASY PRIME lectures are designed in recorded mode by proper editing and removing void time spaces to save students study/watch time. For doubts, CHAT WINDOW FACILITY is provided.

MADE EASY online courses are very well designed and taken by most renowned and experienced faculty members. The sample videos will be made available to watch so that students can have a feel of course before enrolment. Therefore, there is no provision of refund policy.