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GATE 2023 Live Online Course (L19 Batch)

An Early beginning towards a bright future is always a good step.

MADE EASY PRIME which has become a renowned name in the online competitive exam preparation has always been on top to provide the students with best quality content. The courses that we offer both long term and short term are designed as per the latest syllabus and pattern of the exam to ensure preparation from examination perspective.

GATE is one of the most sought-after option for the engineering graduates that still holds the charm.  Now the further relaxation in eligibility criteria has further taken the competition to the next level. In order to help the aspirants, cope up with the entire syllabus and give an early start to their preparation, MADE EASY PRIME has launched long term LIVE online classes for the aspirants aiming for GATE 2023.

GATE 2023 online course is beneficial for the students who wish to give an early start to their preparation from the comfort of their home. The course is comprehensively designed in a sequential and systematic manner to ensure a smooth journey for the aspirants during the preparation. In other words, we can say it’s a fully targeted course for the aspirants preparing for GATE 2023.

In GATE 2023 LIVE online course the lectures the Senior renowned and experienced faculties of MADE EASY who are the leaders in GATE, ESE and other competitive exams domain will deliver the lectures in a simple and easy to understand manner. From the basic grass root level, the course will further advance and will cover all important concepts, fundamentals of the subjects along with problem solving sessions. Also, the doubt chat facility will be provided to the students where they can post their doubts and get the clarity.

The students will also be provided the world class study material designed by the Research & Development team of MADE EASY from the examination perspective to eliminate the requirement of multiple books and offer a sound preparation.

A must enroll course for the students aiming for GATE 2023 examination to lay a stepping stone for their bright career.

The course includes free GATE 2023 Online Test Series.

Course Features

LIVE classes by India’s top faculties for GATE.

Doubt Clearing Facility.

Systematic subject sequence and timely completion of syllabus.

Performance assessment through subject-wise tests.

Teaching pedagogy similar to the classroom course (Fixed schedule)

Latest and Updated study material

Concept practice with workbooks

Ability to watch the lectures in twice recorded mode.

Streams Offered

  • Stream Civil Engineering (H)
  • Commences on 15 Jul,2022
  • Valid Till 13 Feb,2023

Rs 58,899


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  • Stream Mechanical Engineering (H)
  • Commences on 15 Jul,2022
  • Valid Till 13 Feb,2023

Rs 58,899


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Yes, the course-specific latest and updated study material will be provided along with the course and the same will be delivered to the registered address updated in the app.

LIVE classes will be provided along with the facility to watch the lectures in Twice recorded mode.

Online courses are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Yes, all the subjects will be taught from basic to the advanced level considering the standard of the GATE 2023. Basic concepts and fundamentals will be thoroughly covered followed by problem-solving sessions.

Yes. The same renowned and experienced faculties of MADE EASY will deliver the LIVE/online classes who teach at our classroom centers.

At MADE EASY PRIME teaching pedagogy is very effective and easy to understand. Highly experienced and renowned faculties will teach all the subjects; hence, the chances of doubts are minimal. However, every session has CHAT FACILITY, wherein the students can raise their doubts to the concerned faculty; these doubts will be addressed within 24 hours (subject to the availability of the faculty).

Yes, MADE EASY ensures to cover the entire syllabus on time. Those students who joined late are required to be ready to attend classes for extra no. of hours beyond the fixed schedule.

Yes, you have the ability to switch the device. However, you will only be able to access the videos on one device (mobile/tab/laptop etc.) at a time. In addition, the desktop version is only available for Windows-based computers.

Regular online tests will be conducted once the subject is finished. In order to ensure that the students are able to rectify their weaknesses and improve their performance. In addition, students will be able to judge their performance in comparison to the other students who appeared for the exam. Hence,offering a competitive environment.

These videos will be available from the date of enrollment until GATE 2023 examination whichever is later. However, each video can be watched twice in total i.e., 1 Live session + 2 Recorded session for GATE 2023 online course.

Yes. This course is exclusively designed for GATE 2023, which includes all technical and non-technical syllabus of GATE.

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